In The Movies and Television

Yellow Rock (2011)
Directed By: Nick Vallelonga
Written by: Lenore Andriel Steve Doucette
Actor: Rick Mora as Crow Runner

The Dead and The Damned (2010)
Directed By: Rene Perez
Written by: Rene Perez
Actor: Rick Mora as
Indian Brotherwolf

Twilight (2008)
Directed By: Katherine Hardwick for Summit Entertainment
Written by: Melissa Rosenberg (screenplay) & Stephenie Meyer
Actor: Rick Mora as Native Werewolf Tribe #1 – Flashback Sequence

Big Money Rustlas(2010) 
Directed By: Paul Andresen
Written by: Violent
Actor: Rick Mora as Native American


V.I.L.A. The Chronicles (2011) 
Directed By: Lola Wallace
Written by: Annabella Ricardo
Supporting Actor: Rick Mora

Turok Son of Stone (2008) 
Directed By:
Written by: (
Actor: Voice Young Turok/Cliff Person



The Deadliest Warrior (2009-present)
Warrior (2009-present)
Aired on Spike TV

Operation Repo (2009-present)
Appeared as Actor on Episode: Repo on the Rez

The King’s Highway (2008)
History Channel documentary